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High Desert Rugby Classic - Oct. 18 -19 2008 (UPDATED with SCORES)

This weekend is one of the biggest Women's tournaments in the US! If you are headed out to Alb, NM for the High Desert Rugby Classic Tournament, I am jealous. I loved that tournament as a college player, but as a club player it has been difficult to attend the tournament.

Women's Brackets

Pool A
Texas A&M (TX)
NM State Univ Chiles (NM)
Texas Tech (TX)

Pool B
Univ of New Mexico (NM)
Univ of Texas (TX)
Arizona Timberdoodles (AZ)

Pool C
Blue Roses (Scottsdale and Oklahoma combined?)
Atomic Sisters (NM)
Black Ice (CO)

Pool D
Falling Angels (CO)
Tuscon Lightening (AZ)
Boulder Babes (CO)

*West U-23 women's head coach will be attending to scout players.


TX A&M vs UNM 13-5
Atomic Sisters vs Boulder Babes (no score reported)

Atomic Sisters vs University of New Mexico 24 - 3

Pool Play Results

UNM vs BYU 5 - 0
Atomic Sisters vs OU 10 - 0
Blue Roses vs Black Ice 10 - 7
Blue Roses vs Tucson (OU won, not sure of score)
Blue Roses vs Atomic Sisters 0 - 10
BYU 31 - UT 0
UT 5 - Timberdoodles 0
UNM 43 - UT 0
UT 24 - Fallen Angels 17
Tucson vs Boulder 5 - 19
NMSU Chiles vs TX Tech 10 - 0
Falling Angels vs Boulder 0 - 38
Falling Angels vs Tucson 0 - 12
UNM vs Timberdoodles 43 - 0
Texas A&M vs NMSU Chiles 43 - 0
Timberdoodles vs BYU 0 - 43
Texas A&M vs TX Tech 22 - 0

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*Photo courtesy of Meagan W.

Tournament Website:

Tournament Contacts:
Aubrey Edge
Randall Titone


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