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I can't believe it is almost Halloween!! Even worse, global warming has kept Austin in the high 80's recently, the leaves are changing...but most are still hanging on to their respective branches.

The League Season for my team has ended (2nd in the West!) and since our team is not headed to Round of 16s this year as we had hoped we are going camping instead. Two years ago we went camping around this time and we had such a fun time, we thought it was time to do it again! We will be heading out to Shannon's ranch which is owned by her family and hopefully the nights will be cool so we can actually wear a long sleeved shirt. Its so weird to camp in shorts and tshirts all the time, even in the fall!

*Photo courtesy of the First Lady, Erica G.

I have been very bad at updating things that are happening around Austin, so here we go: We played the Sabres on Oct 11 and we beat them 34 to 7. The heat was on that day in Austin and the humidity was high. We played well as a team, our defense was spot-on and we had great combinations and really showed what kind of team we are. Towards the end of the game our esteemed flyhalf Meredith Bagley sealed up the scoring with a Drop Goal about 25 meters out. I do have to admit that I was jealous as I have always wanted to kick a drop goal in a game. Hard to do from Scrumhalf though! After our game we had a rather rousing social at the pitch with oldies, Kangaroo Court, wrestling, moonlight Drop Goals and even more healthy activities after a victory!

*BTW, this picture is worth noting as our Assistant Referee's wore fancy matching uniforms. We had the Assistant Referees duo of Rocky and Richard that weekend. (Photo courtesy of Kendra)

The same weekend the University of Texas Women's Rugby team hosted the first Texas Women's U20 Rugby Clinic with USA U20 Coach Bryn Chivers. In conjunction with that Kathy Flores, the Senior 15's Women's National Team Coach was invited to watch our match against the Sabres. After our match we had a quick 30 minute session with Bryn of the U20 Women and Kathy of the Senior WNT team. In this session both local West coaches asked for suggestions on supporting West rugby and supporting Women's rugby in general. Youth Rugby was brought up by a few players and how we want to have this in Texas but we have struggled with support. Of course the topic of being an elite player in the West was brought up and our challenges were acknowledged.

Last week we had our first rain in almost 2 and 1/2 months so we actually had a fun practice on Monday. We played silly games, had relay races and generally relaxed as we have had quite the rough season this year. On Wednesday our practice was completely canceled as it hardly stopped raining since Monday. We need the rain so bad, I don't think anyone cared too much and the Vice Presidential debates were on that night!

This weekend the Bside and some Asiders played Texas State in San Marcos, TX. Since we have an abundance of pack players we had a full Bside scrum and had a few Bside backs, and a few Aside forwards/backs in the backline. In the first half we had Dude (Prop) playing flyhalf, Kraft (8-man) playing Inside Center and then the rest of the backs in their regular spots. In the second half we got even more creative and I (scrumhalf) played flyhalf, Kraft at Inside, Pony (fullback) at Outside, Dude (Prop) at wing and JJ (Lock) at fullback. We actually moved the ball quite well and even scored on the wing a few times! The highlight of my day was a backs maul where we drove them for about ten meters, I have never mauled like that before! Final score Austin 66 Texas State 0.

I am back in finals for school this week, I have one more class to finish out this year and then I will have only 12 hours until I graduate! I have been in College for WAY to many years now and it is finally time to graduate. The question is, will I do anything with my Bachelors Degree? I work in computers and email, but my degree will be in Athletic Training...I do tape some ankles, thumbs and other body parts for my teammates, but I have yet to really apply my degree.

Next weekend we have a collegiate tournament that the Bside is playing in and the Aside will have an exhibition match against Texas A&M. Then the week after that we actually have a weekend off. I think The Girl and I are going to work on some house projects, carpet needs to get ripped up, walls need to be painted and things need to get ready before the first of the year.

Then its the middle of November and I will be going to the Red vs White game in Florida...and then the weekend after that is Thanksgiving. The Girl and I will be in Charlotte, NC visiting my family and my newest niece!